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Housekeeping - Quick And Efficient

Housekeeping   | Martha's Cleaning Services - Napa, CA

When you walk into your home after it’s professionally cleaned, you should be wowed. There should be a noticeable difference. The couch seems cozier, dinner is tastier, and you sleep a little better. That’s what we at Martha’s Cleaning Services provide for the Napa, California, area. You will experience that new home feeling every time.

We do more than housekeeping. We are home-keepers. It is our mission to keep your home in tip-top condition. You set the time and the frequency and we’ll work our magic. We are able to provide the perfect number of housekeepers to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We carry along with us specific cleaning products to adequately clean your house. However if you have a favorite polish, floor wax, or fragrance you would like for us to use, feel free to let one of our housekeepers know. We even have clients that prefer we use their own vacuum. However, if you prefer for us to use our cleaning equipment, please know that we will always arrive with a fresh bag or emptied dirt cup. We will never bring someone else’s dirt into your home.

Our housekeeping methodology is simple, leave your home smelling, looking, and feeling fresh every time

Do you have a special event coming up and you’re the host? Let us relieve some of the burden by offering our housekeeping services. Maybe your party got a little, shall we say, out of hand, and you need help cleaning up. We are just a phone call away. Contact us today for your personalized quote.